What is Slow Fashion?

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Increasing awareness of environmental and social issues in society leads to changes in every sector. In connection with this, new efforts are observed in the fashion industry as well. A concept that has come to the fore in recent years is the slow fashion approach. In this article, we discuss the concept of slow fashion. … Read More


What are Nature-based Solutions (NbS)?

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An innovative approach to environmental management: Nature-based Solutions (NbS) The negative effects of human activities on nature are now at an unacceptable level. Thus, in recent years, studies have been carried out on a global scale in order to reduce these negative effects. Institutions, companies, and individuals are making a collective effort to tackle global … Read More


What is the Corporate Carbon Footprint?

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Supply chains are changing! Corporate activities are now more environmentally friendly than ever before. In this sense, the Corporate Carbon Footprint concept has come to the fore in recent years. But what exactly is Corporate Carbon Footprint? Take the first step towards tackling climate change! Calculating the Corporate Carbon Footprint is often considered as the … Read More


Sustainable Business Models and Bike-sharing Systems

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Bicycles: the symbol of sustainable cities Cities around the world have been undergoing a change in recent years. Cities are turning into more sustainable living spaces. One of the main drivers of this situation is the effects of climate change. Cities and climate change are interrelated in many ways. According to an OECD report published … Read More


Mudar a economia linear para circular

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A escassez dos recursos, o aquecimento global e a crescente produção de resíduos obriga-nos a olhar de outro modo para o modelo de crescimento económico instituído. A economia circular pretende corrigir esta distorção do modelo económico, onde se dá primazia à permanência dos materiais o maior tempo possível na economia, evitando a extracção de recursos … Read More